Lady Fogg (ladyfogg) wrote in ugc,
Lady Fogg

Lockstock/Little Sally?

This weekend my school hosted a performing arts competition, during which there were three plays that were performed. One of them was Urinetown. I'd not seen the show before but I'd heard the music and I think the cast did a wonderful job!

However, today in my directing class when we were asked to analyze the play, one of my classmates mentioned they didn't like how the relationship between Lockstock & Little Sally was played. In this performance you got a sense that they were merely friends...with perhaps her being a little intrigued by him. However, my classmate said that all the times he'd seen Urinetown done before they'd played up the sexual relationship between Lockstock & Sally...especially jokes like telling her to "keep her head down" (which, in the version I saw, was said as just a gentle warning).

So I'm have you seen Lockstock/Sally's relationship played? Which way do you like it the best? Is their relationship suppose to be hinted at as sexual or is it just in the choice of the actors/director?

As i said, I've only seen it the once and have nothing to compare it I was just wondering if perhaps this group had just chosen to gloss over that context.
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