LAI (jelli_tosuto) wrote in ugc,


Hello there,

I don't know if you remember me, but I'm the "Hope Cladwell" that came to ya'll for some very much appreciated advice. I've come a long way with my character since then, having run the show three nights at my school. It went beautifully and, again, I thank you for your insight.

Also, I've posted a few pictures on a slideshow of our production. Granted, almost all of them have me in there in my Act I costume (my Act II costume was a dress used in one production of Urinetown in NY, her purple one!) along with another cast member.. but I thought you might be interested to see the variations of characters or, maybe, try and guess who's who in Urinetown! One of my teachers made a very small video clip of some of our performance as well!

My myspace
His Myspace

Enjoy! <3
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when was y'all's run?! We're in the middle of ours right now and I have the purple dress from the Broadway production too! That's kinda weird if we've worn the same dress lol!
Our last nigth was Saturday, sad to say. And that is weird about the dress! Like they just hand 'em out to anyone? LOL.


Break a leg!
lol i guess so
thanks so much!