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Lockstock/Little Sally?

This weekend my school hosted a performing arts competition, during which there were three plays that were performed. One of them was Urinetown. I'd not seen the show before but I'd heard the music and I think the cast did a wonderful job!

However, today in my directing class when we were asked to analyze the play, one of my classmates mentioned they didn't like how the relationship between Lockstock & Little Sally was played. In this performance you got a sense that they were merely friends...with perhaps her being a little intrigued by him. However, my classmate said that all the times he'd seen Urinetown done before they'd played up the sexual relationship between Lockstock & Sally...especially jokes like telling her to "keep her head down" (which, in the version I saw, was said as just a gentle warning).

So I'm have you seen Lockstock/Sally's relationship played? Which way do you like it the best? Is their relationship suppose to be hinted at as sexual or is it just in the choice of the actors/director?

As i said, I've only seen it the once and have nothing to compare it I was just wondering if perhaps this group had just chosen to gloss over that context.
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Although it's been 2.5 years since I've seen the musical, I definately did not pick up on any sort of sexual relationship between the two characters. I don't exactly see how it would add anything to the storyline or comedy. Plus... that's just gross.
Agreed. I don't think it does add fact, I think it would take away alot. I mean, their relationship almost struck me as innocent when I saw it performed. It was nice.
I've seen it twice and always saw their relationship as not quite a father/daughter relationship, but definitely an older guy who sort of took her under his wing, giving her advice, etc. Of course, he doesn't care about her (or anyone really) enough to not try and get the rebellious gang, but that's to be expected :)
I agree! That's the way I saw it too. I actually thought it was pretty cute the way the version I saw played it. Like you said, he cares more about stopping the rebellion and all...but I think deep down he had a bit of a soft-spot for her and probably didn't want to see her hurt.
I saw it in Chicago last May and there was not even a hint of a sexual relationship. Personally, I think "playing up" that kind of relationship ruins the interaction all together. Urinetown doesn't take itself seriously, but I can't imagine that is part of it. It seems wrong and unfitting to the spirit of the musical.
Good. I'm glad to hear that! When that guy mentioned that in my class I couldn't imagine how such a relationship would work. I mean, I almost saw Lockstock as sort of looking out for her to a certain extent...having a bit of a soft spot. But nothing so raw as it being "sexual".
Did you ask him where he had seen these productions? I'm curious about the quality of performance XD
From the way he talked, I'm assuming it was some other student performances at other schools. It didnt sound like he'd seen it on Broadway or a touring cast or some such.
Hedy Weiss referred to Lockstock as a "child molesting cop" (or something similar, it just made me go "bzuh?" because it had never occurred to me) in her review of that production...but the woman is an absolute crackpot who saw lynching and concentration camp overtones in Wicked, so take that as you will.

(Hey, you, ;))
wow, crackpot indeed. where do they find these critics?

(hello, lovely! :D)
I wouldn't really have been surprised if someone called Tom Hewitt's Lockstock that. ;-) When he patted his thighs for Little Sally to sit on his lap, you wanted to yell, "NOoO!!!!"
Just chiming in that Tom Hewitt's Lockstock was a bit pervy, but then he was also kinda endearingly dense, so it all worked out somehow.
How did his performance differ from others?
my school did urinetown last year and our Lockstock and Sally were perfect (in my opinion). He was quite a father figure to little sally, but with a slightly commanding edge. They played it up more as Lockstock had a little thing for Hope and Little Sally had a little thing for Bobby. It wasn't really directed that just kind of naturally happened.
So's up to the actors or director. There's no wrong way to play it. But lines from Little Sally like "yeah...everyone loves Bobby Strong" could be interpreted as a crush towards him.
=) it really is a great show
okay..i played Little Sally last year, and there was definitely no sexual relationship between Little Sally and Lockstock for us! I mean, she's a little girl! I know she's always played by an adult, but the character is a child. A precotious child. There are definitely other sexual connotations in the show, but I strongly believe this relationship is supposed to be an innocent one. I think of it as a very particular relationship between the cop and the intelligent criminal, where there is something personal stopping the cop from busting them. That, and again, she's a kid.

It's true that it's up to the director, but I think you'd be hard-pressed to find a director who needs to sexualize the show any more than it already is.
I'll sound like a broken record, but I've seen the show and played Hope in my high school performance last year, and let me just say ...

ew. Rofl. I don't know. Maybe it's funnier when you see it, but since the idea never even came into my mind, or any of the director's minds of which I worked with/saw their show apparently, it just sounds flat out nast-aayy.

That's really intersting, though.
To be honest, I wouldn't make anything out of the suggestive lines ("keep your head down", etc)... if you read the script, lines like that are strewn throughout the entire piece.
I've seen four combinations of Lockstock and Little Sally (OBC, Broadway with James Barbour in as Lockstock, National Tour, and the Showbiz Players in Cincinnati) and I've never gotten the slightest hint of any sexual relationship between them. Not even enough to think that "Keep your head down" was at all suggestive, and I'm used to being the only one cracking up at lines I'm not even sure writers meant to be dirty.
I definitely noticed a slight hint of vague lechery on Lockstock's part with all three actors I saw in the role (Jeff four times, James and Don once each).
Our Lockstock/Little Sally had a very slight (emphasis on slight) sexual overtone to it, but it was funny... Like someone else said, the scene where he slaps his thighs to get Little Sally to sit on his lap, your reaction is "O.o AHHH!" and he looked at her lecherously a few times, but it was hilarious and added to the general absurdity of the play. And the whole "Keep your head down" thing? WTF? I've never heard that analyzed as a sex joke.
I just finished a run of Urintown at my school yesterday (I was Pennywise), and although the people playing Lockstock and Sally are dating, there wasn't any sexual undertones for them (at least, not onstage). I agree with the father figure idea.
I've seen it done both ways actually.

Most recently I saw a version with Lockstock as a seedy, almost itchy sort of cop figure (think seedy moustache, sneery, etc) and the only time he ever stopped being sinister was when he interacted with girl characters (Little Sally, also the seen with Hope). There was definitely pedophilic undertones

Honestly, I really liked the darker undertones better. He had a sort of lecherous touchy-feely relationship with Little Sally, who was totally innocent and genuinely fond of him, but you could kind of see it under the surface. It added to the eerie vibe of the play. I don't know, it was sick but Urinetown is a black comedy and it fit with the production that I saw.